Hi! We are back from a lengthy break with some very exciting news… we’re expecting again!!! I just started my second trimester! There will a lot of new things coming to Stephanie Bee, including some new boards on Pinterest tracking what I’m making for dinners each week of my pregnancy so you can see exactly what I’m eating during this pregnancy. More about that in a later post.

Today we are getting back into Eating Your Vitamins! Let’s talk about calcium. Your growing baby needs calcium to build bones and teeth. Calcium is also necessary for your baby to build his heart, nerves, and muscles, and to develop a regular heart beat and blood-clotting abilities. Of course, these are on a very tiny scale in comparison to your adult body, so your required daily intake of calcium actually doesn’t increase that much. However, it is far more important that you meet your daily requirement because your baby will readily take calcium straight from your body.

Boost your calcium intake by incorporating the following foods into your daily diet:







Did any of those surprise you? Dairy is always a go-to for calcium, but there are a lot of other options! What is your favorite way to get more calcium?

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